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         Everyday Wendnesday Jonny posts a new featured photo on facebook. If your name is involved with a title or quote in the featured photo, then you will win a free 8 x 10 photo of your choice with a purchase of any size Jonny Olsen photo on canvas.

Jonny Olsen Featured Photo, Wednesday April 28, 2021

'101 Woodpecker Lane' by Jonny Olsen
'101 Woodpecker Lane' by Jonny Olsen

"Grootious o'singious. (Sing if you are grateful.)"

Photo 18: 101 Woodpecker Lane
Number of Images Printed: 0
Title by: Sally Olsen
Quote by: Jay Watts and Jonny Olsen
Named on Facebook: Oct 24, 2020

Featured Photo Story, Monday May 3, 2021

Walking in the Woods

        I have decided to post the featured photo on the Wednesday, but the story about the photo will be posted the following Monday. The reason for this is that each featured photo seems to offer up some wisdom in the coming days after it has been posted, so I would like to soak in that wisdom before I write a story about the photo. This past weekend was no exception. My son and I went for a wonderful walk this weekend in our local woods and actually happened upon a woodpecker. This being the week of '101 Woodpecker Lane', I found that to be quite amusing. While we often hear the little birds in the trees on our walks, we rarely get to see them. It's comforting to walk in the woods and see the local wildlife. Mostly we see squirrels and chipmunks, but we have caught glimpses of foxes and porcupines, and heard about the presence of a bear, however we were quite happy when we finally were able to see a woodpecker. It was also great to get some exercise, especially these days when we have been anxiously cooped up in our home. It's safe to say that we have all been getting a little bit of cabin fever lately, so it's nice to get out in the open to soak in the sun and fresh air. Our woods have been so popular that we have to bring our masks when we go walking. But that's okay we don't mind, and we are happy to step off the trail to let others pass by

        I originally wanted to name this picture 'Grootious O' Singous', the title Jay Watts had given, because I loved Guardians of the Galaxy and Groot was my favourite character. But something struck me when my mom suggested '101 Wood Pecker Lane', so that is the title I gave it. It was actually Jake who spotted the woodpecker who was perched on a tree just above us. We watched him for a long while in fascination before I remembered to take out my camera. Unfortunately the bird was too far out of range at that point to get a meaningful photo, but I was satisfied none the less. There is some beauty that is meant for the eyes only.

Jonny Olsen on facebook
Jonny Olsen on facebook
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