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ORDER A PRINT by Jonny Olsen

Costs for 8 x 10 Prints

One 8 x 10 print is $20
Two 8 x 10 prints are $30
Four 8 x 10 prints are $40
Prices are in Canadian dollars and include delivery or shipping
Jonny's artist's fee is included in these prices.

Cost for Posters and Canvases
Printing cost + artist's donation. (Taxes are included in printing cost)

Printing Costs
8 x 10 print: $5
11 x 14 poster: $5
12 x 8 poster: $10
16 x 20 poster: $15
18 x 24 poster: $20
20 x 30 poster: $25
24 x 36 poster: $30
16 x 20 canvas: $60
20 x 30 canvas: $75

Artist's Donation
        Jonny recommends double the printing costs if you are ordering one canvas, 75% if you are ordering 2 and 50% if you are ordering 3 or more. If that's too expensive for you, please let Jonny know. Also, if you don't know what to give, ask Jonny and he will make a recommendation for you.

Every Print Comes with a Signature

        You can order any print from Jonny Olsen at any time. Simply send him a text or email. The contact info is below. The print will come with a signature, the information about the photo and what number print it is in a maximum order of 500. The 'Number of Images Printed' listed below each photo lets you know how many images of that particular photo have already been printed. None of these photos will be printed more than 500 times. This will give the photo higher value when the run of 500 prints is finished and the photo is not longer available for sale.

Canvas and Poster Prints
Are by Donation Instead of a Fixed Price

        The cost of a canvas or poster print is by doantion rather than by fixed price. Jonny suggests the artist fee should be the similar to the printing cost, but it's ultimately up to you. If Jonny is delevering the print in person, the delivery fee would be similar to tipping a pizza delivery person to whom you really like. If the print is being delivered by mail, Jonny will let you know what the exact delivery fee is. The print will arive in a packaged box containing a hard cardboard cylindrical tube for protection.

You can Order Additional Copies for Investment

         Jonny also suggests that no matter what order you make, you add an additional 8 by 10 inches print or 2 for investment purposes since they are relatively inexpensive to print, durable and easy to store. It's good to have the photo that you keep for yourself, plus several signed copies that you can sell for a much larger price at a later date. These copies can also be great presents to give away when people see and admire your own signed Jonny Olsen photo. When the run of 500 photos is finished, these copies will have even greater value. Below are the cost for 8 x 10 prints. When you purchase a canvas or poster, you can add 8 x 10 prints to become part of your donation. The decision of the total donation is up to you. Jonny's main goal is for you to have the photos and be happy.

Be Part of Jonny's Photographic Journey

        Whenever you purchase a Jonny Olsen photo, where possible he will deliver the photo personally. Then Jonny will roam your neighbourhood to take photographs. These photos will become part of Photo Title Challenge and eventually part of the Jonny Olsen Photography Collection.

Some Print History

        The photo below was the first Jonny Olsen photo ever bought. The first print was ordered by his aunt Heather MacDonald who lives in Richmond B.C. , but the actual first transaction of money for a Jonny Olsen photo was by Nancy Peters, who lives in Ottawa and bought the second print before Heather's cheque could arrive. Nancy also gave the photo its title. Needless to say, both lovely ladies will go down in history if Jonny ever makes it famous.
'Maison des Feuilles' by Jonny Olsen
'Maison des Feuilles' by Jonny Olsen

Become a Jonny Olsen VIP

        If you win two Photo Title Challenges and purchase a Jonny Olsen photo, you will get your own VIP page added to his website.

Jonny Olsen Contact

Contact Info

         Jonny Olsen lives in Ottawa, Canada. His primary job is variety performer for an eco/entertainment company called Junkyard Symphony, but he is also available for comissioned paintings. Jonny wants to make sure you get in contact with him, and as cyberspace is not 100% reliable, please send an email to both theses addresses and a text to let him know to expect your email:
You can text or call him at:

Jonny Olsen on facebook
Jonny Olsen on facebook
Photo Title Challenge

         Everyday Monday Jonny posts a new photo on facebook. If you would like to be part of the challenge to give Jonny's photos a title, add Jonny as your friend on facebook. The winner is chosen on the Thursday. At the end of the month Jonny awards a free photo to the best title. Look for Jonny Olsen with the profile picture above. Once you are his friend on facebook, you can order photos through messenger. Also, if you win two Photo Title Challenges and purchase a Jonny Olsen photo, you will get your own VIP page added to his website.

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