Photo by Alan Dean,
Jonny Olsen
The Musician

         Jonny Olsen is a Canadian musician who has been entertaining audiences for over a quarter of a century with his unique brand of creative drumming and percussion. Jonny, who loves everything to do with drums and percussion, has rhythm flowing through his vains and demonstrates an amazing infectious drumming talent that has been with him since birth. His musicianship is highly technical yet artistic, but his strongest talent is his incredible ability to drum on just about anything, from congas to djembes, to bongos , to drum kits, to steel drums, to pots and pans, buckets, hub caps and even yes....evn the kitchen sink. His showmanship and his uncanny ability to involve the audience in his performances in wildly entertaining ways is what really set him apart from other musicians. If you get the opportunity get involved in one of his shows then you should definitely take it, as you will soon discover your own hidden talents that you never knew you had. You'll laugh, you'll cry and then you'll take his card and hire him for you event because this is a guy who knows how to entertain.

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Name: Jonny Olsen
Born: Oct. 29, 1972, Ottawa Ont.
Home Town: Ottawa
Favorite Instrument: Djembe
Education: Bell High School, Bachelor of Environmental Studies with a minor in Fine Arts, University of Waterloo
Music Influences: Rush, Bob Marley, The Police, Afro-Celt Sound System, Mickey Hart
Music Experience: High school concert band, Jazz band, stage band, Otis-Strange (original Rock band), Jacob Two-Two (original Folk band) My Tiny Circus (original Jazz band), Celtae (original Celtic band) The Eletric Circus (cover Disco Band), Papa Shango (original Blues band) Slim Moore and the New Soul Project (original Soul band)
Turn Ons: Long hair, silly sense of humour, spunky, beautiful smile, sweet voice
Turn Offs: People who are afraid of bugs, people who play mind games and just plain can't make up their minds
Aspirations: To become a well known Canadian musician
Hobbies: Drumming, Dancing, Swimming, Sledding, Camping, Canoeing, Building Ice and Snow Casltes
Heroes: Norval Morisseau, Farley Mowat, Mordecai Richler, Neil Peart, Stompin' Tom
Favorite Food: Steak and Potatoes
Favorite Place: Perros Guirec, France
Least Favorite Cartoon Character: Care Bears
Happy Place: Bath Tub
Astroligiacal sign: Scorpio
Roadsign: Slow Children at Play
Tatoos or piercing: Maple Leaf on top left arm
Cool facts: Speaks English, French and Spanish
Other occupations: Jonny is also a juggler. You can check out his band Junkyard Symphony at

Jonny plays dejembes Jonny plays drums Jonny plays congas Jonny plas bongos Jonny plays junk Jonny plays junk Jonny plays junk Jonny plays junk Jonny plays junk Jonny plays drums

Photo by Alan Dean,
Contact Info

         Jonny Olsen lives in Ottawa, Canada. His primary job is variety performer for an eco/entertainment company called Junkyard Symphony, but he is available for part time drum and percussion shows.
You can call him at
or send corredspondece to:
78 Tamblyn Cres
Ottawa, Ontario, K2L-3A4

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