Jonny plays percussion
Jonny plays percussion

An Artistic Drumming and Juggling Extravangza

          In his teens Jonny became fascinated with the art of juggling and began tossing just about anything he could into the air, from socks to water jugs to plungers, to cigar boxes. He then learned to balance on all kinds of precarious contraptions, such as a unicycle, a free standing ladder or a rolo-bolo on top of a tower of buckets. Finally he learned to balance all sorts of odd objects on his nose, like hats, ladders, chairs and basketballs nets. It is this diversity that makes Jonny insanely fun to watch.
          But even before he learned to juggle, Jonny discovered the magic of rhythm at the age of four when he first banged away on his family's garbage cans. Since then he has been drumming on absolutely everything and the kitchen sink. Founder of the well-known Ottawa junk percussion group 'Junkyard Symphony', Jonny has spent the last two decades playing drums and percussion in every style of band, from Disco to Soul, Jazz, Rock, Celtic, Folk and Blues and has become known as one of the most innovative and busiest musicians in town. In his twenties he hosted a percussion radio show on CHUO called 'Drum or Die' which featured marvelous percussive music from all around the world, and he has himself traveled the world with Junkyard Symphony, showcasing his awesome ingenious and explosive percussion and juggling talents.
          And even before he learned to juggle and drum, Jonny became an artist at the age of two when he scribbled a fantastic funky mural on his kitchen walls with crayons to his mother's delight. After a wonderfully productive and creative childhood he eventually moved on to major in Environmental Studies and minor in Art at the University of Waterloo where he convinced his Environmental Studies Professor to allow him to paint his thesis instead of writing it. Since then he has been drawing and painting fantastically bright compositions that showcase decorative movement in a rhythmical fashion.
          Now Jonny brings a new exciting show to the masses called the Jonny Olsen Show which combines his drumming, juggling and artistic talents in a funky fashion that dazzles viewers with his fantastic skills, and lifts their spirits with his crazy comedy, boundless energy and his heart warming message... you are never too old to act silly but you are silly to act get out the FUNK!

Get Out The Funk

          The theme of the Jonny Olsen Show is entitled "Get Out The Funk", a creative examination of how our inner primal rhythms can be channeled to better our daily activities. "Rhythm is infectious, and those that understand it are primed to succeed in life."
          Armed with a fortress of drums, percussion, juggling and artistic props, Jonny and fellow Ottawa performers present an amazing 60 minute rhythmical show that will know your socks off and make your soul come alive. The best way to get out of a funk is by getting out the FUNK 'Fantastic Unexpected Nurturing Kindness'. By being kind to yourself and kind to others, you feel good about yourself which ultimately leads to a better path of productive healing. Participants learn to come out of their shell, feel the music and deal with dismal doldrums that test us every day.
           "Get Out The Funk" is perfect for school, corporate, theatrical and community activities. The show is most often performed as a duo, but can also be performed as a trio or quartet. Contact Jonny for pricing and availability. (Fellow performers are Chris Zimmerman, Mark Wilson, Alex Wickham, Dylan Gowans, Jeff Asselin, Yoshi Chladny and Rylan Schwarze)

The Jonny Olsen show always involves lots of aweseome percussive compositions.
Jonny plays percussion.

Local Ottawa performers such as drummers and circus artists add to the excitemnt of the show.
Jonny is accompanied by fellow Ottawa performers.

Jonny is accompanied by fellow Ottawa performers.

The set up includes the Table O' Funk, percussion and drums, and two drumming balls for volunteers.
The set-up.

In order to 'get out the funk', volunteers are chosen to come up and join the show, such as drumming on balls.
Drum-fit drumming is fun.

More volunteers are chosen to come up and choose something funky to wear from the Table O' Funk.
Drum-fit drumming is fun.

Then they must also choose a funky instrument to play.
Drum-fit drumming is fun.

Finnally they must step into the Box O' Funk and do something funky, such as dance.
The Box O' Funk.

Jonny jams along and gives the volunteers lots of encouragement.
Jonny Olsen.

And Jonny's drummer friend adds lof of funky rhythms to the wildly fun show.
Jonny Olsen.

Photo by Alan Dean,
Contact Info

         Jonny Olsen lives in Ottawa, Canada. His primary job is variety performer for an eco/entertainment company called Junkyard Symphony, but he is also available for Jonny Olsen shows.
You can call him at
or send corredspondece to:
78 Tamblyn Cres
Ottawa, Ontario, K2L-3A4

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